Green head of horse-like creature

Alisia Casper: sick animals

Here we show some of the colour-saturated computer drawings of Alisia Casper, from the series, This Animal Is Still Sick


Alisia works across many media, in her own words:


My work is sweet seeming at first then reveals itself as uncanny and quite dark, in both these ways it is perhaps childlike; a common mortal taste shared from me to you, the light and the shadow. I make drawings, paintings, music, videos, I love to write and I take too many photographs. I also produce ‘CHRONICZINE’, a bi-monthly zine that acts as a sort of self-therapy while simultaneously raising awareness of Chronic and Invisible Illnesses of all kinds- particularly Fibromyalgia and Endometriosis.


This series of drawings depicts mysterious creatures, at once cute and creepy, funny and a little scary, with unexpected features and body parts. They are rendered in strong, intense colours. You can find many more of these, and other artworks, on her website and social media.



Black long-necked creature on grey background with sqiggles of yellow and reds

Image description: A long-necked jet-black creature. Its head is alert, in profile, looking off to the left with its pinky-red eye. It has a long pointed nose, similar to a dog? fox? giraffe?

Two limbs reach out from below the neck, also pointing left. At the other end of the body, where you might expect to find a tail is instead a protuberance with pink googly eyes and a possible mouth below.

The background has concentric circles of yellow plus pink/red/orange, from which squiggly lines of these colours flow out to the right edge of the picture.

Strange person in white, doubled over

Image description: a strange person in pure white clothing and a shock of spiky orange hair, against a brown background. Their sharp nose points to the left.

They are bent over at a 90 degree angle, possibly weighed down by dangling teats from which small showers of dust fall. These specks of dust are joined to three squares on the left of the picture, each a different shade of red, by thin, straight red lines running upward towards the squares at an angle.

Both their arms are bare. They flail backwards towards the right of the picture.

Yellow 3-legged creature on yellow background

Image description: a bright yellow creature on a slightly darker yellow background. Its skull-like head, on the left, is a pale yellowy-beige with pitch-black eyes and lower jaw, while the nose is a red ball, like a clown’s nose. Long narrow ears, like sticks, point upwards at an angle from each side of the head.

If this animal has four legs, only three are visible, two at the front, one at the back. Three long toes at the end of each leg give the appearance of hands rather than feet.

It has no tail.