Ashley Ferrari – nightscapes

Another brilliant artist to add to this collection. Ashley Ferrari paints beautiful nightscapes – a word I’ve just discovered, which is, apparently, particularly connected with artworks. Ashley aims to soothe people with her art,  which she definitely achieves, these are gorgeous.


Featured image above: Wilderness, 2021. 20″ x 16″ Oil on canvas.


Ashley writes more about her work below.

Tall, narrow painting of night sky. A line of trees at bottom
Celestine, 2021. 8" x 20" Oil On Canvas
I am a self-taught autistic artist who paints using oils. I often use my hands, losing myself in the sensation of smoothly gliding colours.
Painting is part of my healing journey. Through my practice I aim to strengthen my ability to soothe both myself and the viewer by embodying feelings of peace and serenity, of comfort in aloneness. I do this through creating fantasy skyscapes with an enchanted, otherworldly feel.
I envision enveloping the viewer in a moment of pure escapism, removing each layer of our chaotic world until there is nothing but endless sky.

Image descriptions: Paintings of constellations of stars, shining brightly through light cloud in an inky sky.