Illustration of boy lounging in stripey T shirt

Emily Uttley’s exploration of visual art

Emily Uttley is a visual artist based in Leeds who has recently graduated from The University of Manchester with a degree in French…

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Ashley Ferrari – nightscapes

Another brilliant artist to add to this collection. Ashley Ferrari paints beautiful nightscapes – a word I’ve just discovered, which is, apparently, particularly…

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Watercolour drawing of two grebes on water

Robin Tynan aka Skeletonotes

Robin (also known as Skeletonotes) is a disabled queer artist based in Leeds. As well as trying to capture the beauty of the…

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Green head of horse-like creature

Alisia Casper: sick animals

Here we show some of the colour-saturated computer drawings of Alisia Casper, from the series, This Animal Is Still Sick.    Alisia works…

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Logo with black text on white: DISrupt a collective of disabled artists in Leeds

DISrupt: a collective of disabled artists in Leeds

Exciting news! We have set up a collective of disabled artists in Leeds called DISrupt.   This came about following online discussions amongst…

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Realistic mock-up of a mural of floers on the end wall of a terrace of houses

Jem Clancy: using art to communicate

Jem Clancy is another artist who got in touch after she’d discovered the exhibition. With her graphic style of drawing, she expands the…

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Blue crow on red

Disability Arts Online

I wrote a blog post about Possible All Along for Disability Arts Online. You can read it here. There has been other articles…

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Line drawing of 4 people sitting round a table, illustrating the word 'meeting'

Getting together

A group of Possible All Along artists met online last week, for an informal get-together, to say hello to each other and share…

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Textile artwork, freeform curved lines in red across background of grey and black squares and rectangles.

Sandra Wyman, textile artist

Sandra Wyman got in touch on the first day of the exhibition. Another Leeds-based disabled artist, she was keen to be part of…

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Painting of a head

Not everyone is online

Do you know anyone who would like to see Possible All Along but doesn’t have access to the internet?   There is a…

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Bold graphic of man and woman with art materials: scissors, paint brushes, painting

Who are disabled artists?

This is an exhibition by disabled artists. I use this term because it’s in line with the social model of disability. The social model…

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Art installation

Thoughts on the exhibition

I love the variety and scope of this exhibition. It absolutely proves that showing work by disabled artists isn’t limiting or restrictive. Possible…

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