Illustration of boy lounging in stripey T shirt

Emily Uttley’s exploration of visual art

Emily Uttley is a visual artist based in Leeds who has recently graduated from The University of Manchester with a degree in French Studies and History of Art. In 2016, she completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Leeds Arts University, specialising in Fine Art.
Emily’s art practice aims to paint her perspective of the world through exploring various mediums such as drawing, painting, photography and digital illustration, often in combination with one another. She mostly draws from found imagery to inspire her paintings, creating emotive and highly detailed work by using a sensitive approach to colour, composition, form and movement. Fascinated by human expression, she is particularly interested in portraying the depth and range of the human condition.
Featured image above: Sad Lad (2020)
23cm x 30cm, watercolour on paper with ink, felt tip and oil paint.
Image description: a graphic outline illustration of a lad lounging with head propped on an elbow. He wears a stripey top. The wall behind is tiled in white, and the space to his left might be an open window.  His hair and the surface he’s resting on are coloured in.
Graphic illustration of person slumped on a sofa

Frozen (2021)
59cm x 42cm, oil on canvas.


Image description: a graphic illustration in mainly greys and  pale yellow,  of a person slumped on a aquamarine sofa. Their legs in dark trousers splay out towards us. Are they asleep or just resting? They appear very relaxed and unself-conscious. Their eyes are closed and their head lolls to the right a bit, their arms are loosely resting on their leg and stomach. Above on the wall is a reproduction of a Matisse cut out nude figure. The original was blue; this version matches the yellow wall.

An image of an Edward Hopper painting takes up over a quarter of the space, the rest is outlines of elements of the scene

Hopper Revisited


Image description: this image plays around with an Edward Hopper painting. The painting is reproduced in the top left section of the image, and takes up more than a quarter of the top left of the image. In it, a man in shirtsleeves and a waistcoat, at an angle but looking away from us, looks out of a large window onto a rooftop opposite and a distant large building. His view dominates the painting. This in turn is framed by a plain window which appears to have been cut out directly from the concrete walls of his building. 


The rest of this image has 3 sections, each less than a quarter of the image. The two on the right hand side reduce the Hopper painting to yellow outlines. The bottom left section, below the Hopper reproduction, is a graphic representation of three upstairs windows and part of a roof, echoing and expanding the sliver of roof in the Hopper painting.

Photograph of Tokyo street. Two women walk away fromus into the road



Image description: photograph of a Tokyo street taken from the middle of the road which is tarmaced in red with a white line down the middle. This might be a suburb as there are few people and hardly and traffic. Two women in the foreground walk away from us, on the road. One carries an umbrella against the sun. There are a couple of pavement cafes on the right pavement,otherwise the pavements are in shade.

Photo of a Paris corner cafe taken from across the street. Shades of Hopper characters creep in


Photograph and mixed media.


Image description: A photo of a corner cafe in Paris, taken from across the road. A blank-faced figure and a woman from an Edward Hopper painting appear indistinctly over the bottom of the image.