Line drawing of 4 people sitting round a table, illustrating the word 'meeting'

Getting together

A group of Possible All Along artists met online last week, for an informal get-together, to say hello to each other and share some thoughts on the pandemic and creativity. Here are a few of the many points that came up.

For some, lockdown isn’t that much different from day-to-day life, stuck at home due to illness or the sheer difficulties of getting out and about in a largely inaccessible world. A lot of disabled people face barriers all the time, and that’s not just wheelchair users. This can really knock your confidence.

We related to the need to do something creative, although this year has been one to reflect on productivity and what that means for each of us. It might be time for a re-think if you’ve been working flat out, maybe making yourself ill. Don’t forget about self-care!

We also talked about political art, and art as activism. Although we recognise there’s need for art that is just uplifting. Even if the message isn’t overtly political, it’s still important, and perhaps a form of activism, to make art that’s joyful and that brings hope and cheer to people, particularly at the moment.

We’ll come together again in the new year to talk some more. We like the idea of a local network of disabled artists to carry on the conversations and to support collaboration. Let’s keep the momentum from this exhibition going.