Judit Mathe

I am a mixed-media artist working with found objects and textiles. My sculptural pieces are influenced by my Hungarian heritage and upbringing, combined with the love of fairy tales and a fascination with Catholic artefacts and medieval religious art. In my recent work I explore feminist themes as well as taboo subjects, such as religion, sexuality and female suppression.

I use discarded, broken dolls and wrap them with yarns and threads embedding various found objects to tell stories of women's strength.
Doll without missing arms and legs wrapped in white thread, including most of face
Doll with torso and most of face wrapped in red yarn
Doll without head or arms wrapped in thread

Tooth Fairy. Prayers of Offering, 2020

Found objects, textiles, 21cm x 6cm x 6cm

Head of doll. Wrapped with white thread leaving lower part of face only uncovered

Image description: There is a contrast between the hard, shiny surface of the doll and the intricate surface of the textiles. While you might think that the textiles are soft and warm, the way the doll is tightly wrapped makes the yarn very firm. The details of the threads stand out. The doll wears a crown of a pig’s tooth, which was given to the artist a while ago. White yarns and threads cover the doll, which is also white as well as the crown. The work represents the pain of toothache. 

The Phoenix, 2020

Found objects, textiles, 26.5cm x 6.6cm x 6cm

Doll with torso and most of face wrapped in red yarn

Image description: A female fashion doll with broken limbs. Soft, thick yarns and threads are woven tightly around the body. The broken arms and legs remain uncovered, or partially covered. The bottom part of the face, the nose, lips and chin, are uncovered. But the eyes and the rest of the head are covered. The doll is light pink and the threads are bright red. The doll wears a sharp, pointy wooden crown which is woven to the head.

Elements in this artwork refer to the phoenix, a mythological bird which was reborn from its own ashes. Wood in the crown could be fuel for the fire which burns red, like the threads which wrap the figure. In this case the symbol of the phoenix represents female power. 

Mary, 2020

Found objects, textiles, 22cm x 9cm x 5cm

Toy lamb attached to doll torso by wrapped threads. Doll is also wrapped

Image description: A broken fashion doll, with no head, half arms outstretched and full legs. The body of the doll is wrapped tightly and completely with yarns and threads. A small plastic lamb, mainly white with a little brown, is embedded in the area of the womb. The doll and the yarns are all white. This work was highly influenced by the artist’s Catholic upbringing. It is also a celebration of the miracle of childbirth and the obstacles, suffering and immense joy of motherhood.