Kirsty Ramsay Hogan

I am a Deaf design and media producer who enjoys creating typographic based art on the side.

Bird in my ear, 2019

Screen print, ink on paper, 29cm x 42cm

Small text on white background

Image description: Lots of white space with small, elegant text in the centre right of the image which reads ‘categories note worth; i fell asleep with the bird in my ear’.

No-one is you, 2019

Ink and pencil on paper, 29cm x 42cm

Hand-drawn poster

Image description: Pastel pink paper with hand-drawn lettering and coloured with pencil in this order: orange, light blue, light purple, yellow. They are shaded with dark blue. The letters read ‘No-one is you and that is your power’.

Speak sincere, 2020

Paper collage, ink, 29cm x 42cm

Slogan of cut out letters

Image description: Mosaic patterned letters created with scrap bits of paper, outlined and shaded with black. The letters read ‘when you speak, speak sincere’. 

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