Lily Lavorato

My sculptures, drawings and objects explore bodily understandings of places and imagined scenarios. Drawing on the autobiographical, I use sound, taste, smell and light to activate sculptures in immersive environments. I frequently use waste plastics to veil or bind my sculptures, which explore how social and physical barriers interrupt our sense of self.

Arse End of Nowhere, 2020

Concrete, candles, waste plastic, felt, wire, newsprint, synthetic sausage skin, essential oils 

Art installation
Art installation, two pouches
Art installation
Essential oil burner on concrete
Art installation
Art installation
Concrete block in art installation

Image description: A sculptural installation. A light burns in a box covered with stretched red plastic. Red strings are knotted and draped around and between objects. White pouches, covered in spines, loll together on the floor. They are secured with red threads at the top. Drawings of cactus feature on many surfaces including a wall-mounted paper sculpture. Irregular pieces of concrete prop up objects or serve as plinths.


Arse End of Nowhere explores the social and physical landscape of Calabria, a southern region of Italy. The work considers the code of silence, omertà, which makes the regional mafia, the ‘ndrangheta, one of the most impenetrable in the world. Lyrics from ‘Il Canto di Malavita’ or ‘Songs of a Bad Life’, written for and by the ‘ndrangheta, directly informed the works. One piece functions as an essential oil burner diffusing fennel, oregano, bergamot and eucalyptus oils reminiscent of the air in Mandatoricci. 

Vielleicht Niente, 2020

Video with sound, 7 minutes 55 seconds

Bringing together footage filmed in Calabria (somewhere) in 2019 and conversations recorded during the first national lockdown, this film considers distance from place, land, family and histories as fluctuating and brittle (maybe). It asks what we sacrifice/gain in slowing down and what’s to learn from somewhere that never sped up.


The film is captioned. Captions can be turned on using the ‘cc’ button in the right-bottom corner of the screen.