Mindy Goose

I am a photographer and artist. I use walking in my art. My collections of observations uncover the journeys I take, the paths I frequently walk, and the flux in which nature exists. I am concerned with how our environments connect to us, and what that means for a disabled person.

Finding Light is a new work in progress, started during daily strolls with my dog. I’m using black and white images to help find ways that light can be captured, even in the darkest of months.

Finding Light, 2020

Digital photographs, black and white

Photograph of spotted leaf
Photograph of leaf
Photograph of leaves
Photograph of leaves
Photograph of leaf with holes

Image description: The series consists of close-up black and white photographs of single leaves or sprays of leaves on trees and bushes in woodland. Light and shadow play over the leaves and stalks. The leaf in the first picture is spotted with fungus, while the last is full of holes. 

Website: www.mindygoose.co.uk

Instagram: @mindygoose