I work in two dimensions using paint, print and collage to create radical and inspirational slogans about identity. I have also branched out into creating electronic music. I recently set up Reflex of Arts (@reflex_of_arts on Instagram), a collaboration with Pyramid and Health for All Leeds, which uses art to give care leavers like myself a voice and to build confidence through creativity.

Stronger, 2019

Paint on fabric, 1m x 2m

Painting of a woman

Image description: A brightly coloured painting of a white woman. She has pale brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue dress and a crown of flowers. The background is mottled pink with darker flowers. The words ‘I am stronger’ are on her right.

Everything you think, 2019

Paint on fabric, 1m x 2m

Painting of a head

Image description: A head, face on. A multi-coloured cloud with the words ‘Don’t believe everything you think’ covers the top half of the face so only red smiling lips are showing.