Ruthie Reynolds

I work mainly in sculpture, casting forms in concrete and plaster with protrusions of metal. My interest in architecture and minimal forms underpins my work. I aim to represent my own experience of living with chronic bodily pain due fibromyalgia through my artwork. Off Kilter brings together thoughts of both comfort and discomfort, with its uneven chair legs and cushions made of concrete. Other works from the Awkward Architecture series look at how pain can interrupt our movement through spaces.

Off Kilter, 2020

Metal chair on two raised feet, cast concrete cushions and footstools of pigmented dyed plaster with re-appropriated metal walking stick legs, on grey rug, 76cm x width 54cm x depth 43cm

Metal chair sculpture

Image description: A metal chair perches unevenly. It only has two legs, at the front. A square cushion and a smaller round cushion rest on its seat. They are actually made of grey concrete, with stuffing bursting out of the seams. Under and either side of the chair are two footstools, plus another square cushion, all cast in concrete. The legs of the stools are made from different lengths of metal walking sticks and have rubber tips. Some of these tips are steady on the carpeted floor, but others rest on lumps of concrete or wave in the air as if reaching for solid ground. 

Concrete cushions
Awkward Architecture, 2019 (series)

Stilted 1, 2019

Plaster, black ink and metal leg protrusions, 30cm x 20cm x 21cm

Plaster and metal sculpture

Image description: A stool-like object, a plaster slab held up on five metal rods. The upper surface of the slab is covered with six rows of five oval-shaped indentations. These are imprints of medication packaging.

Stilted 2, 2019

Concrete with scrap metal protrusions, 24cm x 43cm x 43cm

Concrete and metal sculpture

Image description: A thick chunk of pale grey concrete. It’s roughly square with rounded corners. Sticking out underneath are several sections of black or rusting scrap metal strips, rods and pipes.


Broken, 2019

Concrete, slate, scrap metal, 35cm x 18cm x 18cm

Concrete and metal sculpture

Image description: A slab of layered concrete and slate sits broken in two pieces on the floor. The layers show clearly where the concrete has cracked open. Long thin black metal rods extend upwards from the concrete, two on the larger piece, one on the smaller.

Escapism, 2019

Resin plaster with copper scrap metal, silicone, 12cm x 18 cm x 18cm

Plaster and metal sculpture

Image description: A square panel of white plaster with a large square hole in the middle. It could be a window to escape through. Legs are formed by several uneven copper strips that extend from underneath the plaster. They rest on a white silicone mat cast from medication blister packs. This gives the mat a raised surface of dots and ovals.