Si Denbigh

I had a stroke about four years ago. I permanently lost the feelings and use of the left half of my body, like someone had drawn a line down from the top of my head. After six months in hospital, I was released into the wild. I used to be a professional musician, that was kind of out for the future. I spent a long time figuring out how to be creative again. I discovered Inkwell, originally to do ceramics, and then art classes.

These are some of a series of oil pastels and crystal watercolour. I used to do a lot of detailed fineline ink work. This was a venture into experimenting with colour and movement, and getting messy. Based on a healthy obsession with crows, it is called Corvid 19.

Corvid 19, 2020

Oil and crystal watercolour on canvas, 40cm x 30cm each

Grey crow on red
Blue crow on red
Brown crow on pink
Crow silhouette

Image descriptions: A series of four paintings, each of a single crow in flight, wings outstretched. They are isolated against mottled backgrounds, similar to cloudy skies but for the colours.

1. Side view of grey crow, red background.

2. View from underneath of royal blue crow, edged in yellow. Background shades of reds with black.

3. View from above and behind of brown crow with lighter wings, with splashes of pale green and yellow. The bird is edged around in white against a blue and dark pink background.

4. Black silhouette of crow flying upwards. Multicoloured background, mainly blue and white with some green, red, lilac. Large black inkblot above crow.