Stephen Harvey

I work with print, paint and letterpress to create text-based works which articulate the problems, frustrations and barriers that I struggle against when trying to live independently. Other disabled people might recognise these problems. As well as being a solo artist I work collaboratively in Pyramid’s Ribblehead Group.

£3 Money, 2019

Print on fabric, dimensions vary

Five banners

Image description: Five banners of different lengths hang from fabric loops on a wooden rod against a wall. They are printed with various block capital slogans. They are fringed at the bottom. The pair on the left are mainly yellow, with the heading ‘Dictation’. One reads: ‘YES tea coffee snacks sweets’. The other reads: ‘NO beer beer beer beer’. The middle banner is long and thin. ‘£3’ and ‘£3 Money’ is printed repeatedly down its length.


Moving along the row of banners, the next reads: ‘Stop using my electricity to charge your phones’. This is printed on fabric that gradates from blue to green to red. The banner on the far right is the shortest. The word ‘dictation’ is repeated eight times, in black capital letters on bright pink fabric.

Is it open yet? 2020

Illustrated poem

Illustrated poem

Image description: Type-written poem on right of page, with coloured pen illustration on left. Stars plus two face masks.



my spot in Café Nero

expensive coffee

caramel and cream

travelling on my own

on the bus to Leeds

making my way to Pyramid

I’ve got one of them masks

but I don’t like wearing it

a rectangle

blue and white

there’s a first time for


reminding me

my bus pass had ran out

I’ve not even needed it

head to Wakefield

find the travel office

it’s shut

of course