Watercolour drawing of two grebes on water

Robin Tynan aka Skeletonotes

Robin (also known as Skeletonotes) is a disabled queer artist based in Leeds. As well as trying to capture the beauty of the natural world through their own lens, Robin likes to try and capture in paint and ink more abstract concepts like emotions. They are continually learning and growing in their art practice, both in work for commissions and their own personal practice.


There are many ways to engage with Robin online, including if you’d like to buy or commission work, listed at the end.


Featured image above: Dancing Grebes

Image description: a watercolour and ink illustration of two grebes (water birds) on water. The grebes are stretched up out of the water, their faces close together and with pond weed hanging from their mouths. Both birds have similar patterns of brown black dark orange and white. 



Detailed ink and watercolour drawing of dragonfly

Image description:  a large scale ink and watercolour illustration of a Lesser Emperor dragonfly with its wings outstretched. It shows a lot of detail in the wings. The colours are a range of greens, teal, brown, yellow and black.

Ink drawing of naked figure floating amongst brushstrokes


Euphoria (in my mind)

Image description: An ink drawing of a naked figure is in the middle of the page: they have short hair and are wearing glasses. Their limbs hang loosely as if floating. Surrounding the figure are broad watercolour paint strokes in a random pattern in cyan, magenta and yellow. 

Watercolour of wind turbines in countryside




Image description: a large watercolour landscape depicting rolling green hills and an overcast grey and blue sky. There are three wind turbines on the hills receding into the distance. The painting style shows clear brush strokes and layering. 

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